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If you work with children or have kids of your own, you’ve probably heard about how crucial the first five years of life are for development. During this time, children should actively engage in learning activities, such as listening and reading along to children’s books. By doing this simple activity, reading to them, they can acquire skills vital to understanding and interacting with the world around them and can contribute to greatly enhancing their communication skills. No matter how young a child is, reading children’s books to them is a great way to nurture their development along the lifespan journey.

Even after the age of five, children are constantly developing and learning. Continuing to read to them until they take an interest in independent reading is essential to building self-confidence in their distinguished skills. Each children’s book is structured to help a specific age group develop properly, so choosing engaging books for your child is key to providing them with optimal opportunities for growth. Reading to children promotes benefits that provide a head start in life, which is vital in the modern world!

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