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According to research, reading to your child before they can even speak is hugely beneficial. Although your child cannot yet fully comprehend the words they hear, consistent reading sessions will help expand their impending intelligence and understanding. Below is an in-depth explanation of the benefits of reading children’s books to your kid.

1. Thinking Skills

Improved thinking skills can lead to emotional intelligence, high-level critical thinking, concentration, memory, problem-solving, and listening skills. This will greatly serve them in social and educational settings later in life.

2. Language Skills

Learning language skills allows your child to observe and mimic language patterns, encouraging proper speech at a young age. As a result, their vocabulary, writing skills, and conversation will expand over time.

3. Bonding Time

Sitting and reading with your child encourages a personal connection between parent and child. By reading to your child, they are watching your face and taking social cues from you to understand the story. Not only is it the best way to teach them new ideas and skills, but you will also experience bonding time crucial to your relationship and closeness! Bonding with a parent also causes stress relief in a child if they’ve had a particularly long day.

4. Shaping Their Sense of Morality

The stories in children’s books always teach life lessons. By relaying these stories to your child, you are directly instilling specific life skills and moral beliefs in them. You are teaching them empathy and making them more considerate of themselves, others, and the world! Go you! By no means is this list exhaustive! There are countless immediate benefits to reading to your child, and these benefits will follow your child into adulthood.