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I’m Dorothy Dowling.

Dorothy Dowling is a whimsical children’s author. She is also an Endorsed midwife practitioner, Clinical nurse, university lecturer and clinical facilitator, at the front line of health care delivery in the remote Western Australian outback. Her passion is recruitment and retention in rural and remote health workforce, early childhood development, professional mentorship, security and goodness.
Growing up on a farm with her five siblings, she had an idyllic childhood, riding horses through lush green farmland and living the life of farm children. Her mother read to her and her siblings every single night, fostering a love of language and literature.
Teaching and education are of central importance to Dorothy; she believes education has the power to effect change and break debilitating cycles. She has broken many of her own detrimental cycles.
She is passionate about stable childhoods, a healthy start to life, connection with people, laughing a lot, and surviving adversity.
Dorothy is a mother to four children and two stepchildren, all amazing beings. Tragedy struck their family when her beloved son, Alexander (Zoomie), died in an accident when he was seventeen. A fabulous conversationalist and storyteller, it is Alex’s life and memory that inspires Dorothy to publish her stories. Her beloved daughter Charlotte (Lottie) and beloved husband, Ted, encourage and inspire and often collaborate with her too.
Many of Dorothy’s stories draw on the antics of her four children, and their cousins, when they were growing up. She has nineteen nieces and nephews to share her stories with. Dorothy is close to her five siblings and their families, her precious in-laws, as well as her beautiful mum and late father.
Laughter (and a bit of silliness) is integral to their family way of being, as anyone reading many of her books will recognise!
For Dorothy, life and storytelling are interchangeable. Everything may be a source of inspiration: her children when they were little, her own childhood, nursing and midwifery (nurses and midwives always have the best stories!), human behaviour, and animal behaviour as well. Little children make her laugh as they figure out life. Other cultures fascinate her, too; at the moment, she’s inspired by listening to Aboriginal Australians share insights into their lives.
A powerhouse of creativity and the desire to communicate, Dorothy tells stories to remember the gift of her son, to make little kids laugh, to help someone else in their sorrow and to educate and enlighten. Mostly, she wants to tell her stories for the love of life and storytelling and to share that love with the world.

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“Storytelling has the power to create magic in our lives, to lift us up and help us see the world in a different light. That’s why I write – to share that magic with you” – Dorothy Dowling

“From the Outback to Your Imagination: The Stories of Dorothy Dowling”

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